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The Parable of the Lake and the Lowly Stream

The Parable of the Lake and The Lowly Stream

The following is a widely known story, which to Breeden & Associates, LTD, is about how Investing with Purpose and Uniting for Success  in each of our daily lives can lead to significant change.

Through application of stories and parables like these, we become an answer to the call by God to be the best versions of ourselves and do the best job we can for our clients, communities, and each other.

Please take a moment to read, and reflect on  your goals are in life and the things your investments may accomplish - those things which matter most to you and your family. Together, we can move mountains just like the stream did.


A Tale About a Little Stream

In a far-away mountainous country a lake and a stream lived side by side. The lake was situated at the foot of the mountain, and the stream flowed slightly higher, on the mountain itself.

The lake was very proud of itself.
"Little stream, look how beautiful, large, and clean I am!" it said.

"Yes," the stream replied, "you are very beautiful. You must have lots of friends. After all, you are so large that you can give your waters to anyone who wishes to drink. But I am small, and no one notices me."

"Ha-ha-ha!" the lake laughed. "Why would I give my waters to others? That way I would become small too."

One day a mountain goat approached the lake. "Oh beautiful lake, I've lost my way and I have had nothing to drink for a very long time. May I drink from your waters?"

"Look for water elsewhere," the lake replied in anger. "And do not touch me with your dirty hoofs."

The goat became sad, but what was he to do? He was just about to leave when suddenly he heard a quiet voice: "Go-o-a-at, come here. I am a little stream that nobody notices, but I have enough water for you. Drink as much as you want."

"Thanks a lot for coming to my rescue, little stream!" the goat replied as he slurped eagerly.

Another time swallows flew over.

"Oh lake, we are very tired and we still have a long journey ahead. Please allow us to drink."
"Yeah, right!" the lake replied angrily. "There is dust on your feathers, and I cannot stand dust. Fly away from here!"

But just as the swallows rose into the air they heard someone calling them:

"Swallows, lovely swallows, fly over to me. I am a little stream that nobody notices, but I have enough water for all of you. Drink as much as you want!"

"Thank you little stream," the swallows said as they quenched their thirst. "You are a true friend!"

Many animals came and many birds flew by. They all asked the lake for help, but the little stream helped them all.

But then, something unexpectedly happened, on a hot summer day.

"He-e-elp, help!" a little mouse cried. He hopped over to the lake and could barely catch his breath. Lake, please help the rabbit. He broke his paw and cannot walk. It's been a long time since he drank, and he really needs water."

"What is it to me?" the lake asked in surprise.

"If you splash out a bit of water, it will reach the rabbit and allow him to drink," the little mouse replied.

"That's silly," the lake said and waved the little mouse away.

"Little mouse," the stream cried, "maybe I can help?"

"You are very kind, but you are too small. You don't have enough water to reach the rabbit," the little mouse replied sadly.

"Wait, I just thought of something!" the stream exclaimed. "Mother Mountain! Mother Mountain!" it screamed.

But the mountain was deep asleep in the warm sun.
"Help me, little mouse," the little stream asked, and they called out to the mountain together:
"Mother Mountain!!!"

"Why all the noise, little ones?" The mountain woke up. "What happened?"

"The rabbit broke his paw," the little stream explained. "He needs water, and I must help him!"

"But how?" the mountain wondered. "You are so small!"

"There is snow at your peak. It is melting under the sun's rays and turning into water. Give me some of that water, and I will be able to help the rabbit."

"Although you are small, you have a very big desire to help others. I will do as you ask," the mountain replied.

At once all the water that before poured from the peak of the mountain into the lake, began to flow in the direction of the little stream. And before the lake could utter a single sound, it turned into a dry swamp. Meanwhile, the little stream turned into a large and happy current. It quickly reached the rabbit, quenched his thirst, washed over his wound, and ran along further, into the sea, presenting everyone with clean cool water.

"Do you see that body of water?" the animals would say to each other. "Once it was a little stream, but the desire to help others turned it into a wide and full-flowing river."