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Strategic Alliances - For You, the Client

CFD Investments, Inc. & Creative Financial Designs, Inc. 


cfd Investments, Inc. is a registered Broker/Dealer, while Creative Financial Designs, Inc. is a registered investment advisor, both of which are located in Kokomo, Indiana. While centered in Kokomo, Indiana, they have regional, independent advisors all throughout the United States from California, to New York, to Florida, and nearly all points in between. 

The CFD Companies were first founded out of a single branch office in Kokomo in the year 1969. Their ultimate goal is to help provide advisors such as ourselves with tools, technology, forms, and financial products compliance and services, and do so in a Christ-like manner. 

Each are members of FINRA, and SIPC. 

Breeden & Associates, LTD and Breeden Asset Management are not owned nor are they controlled by either cfd Investments, Inc. or Creative Financial Designs, Inc. 

Why the Strategic Alliance with these cfd Companies??

We simply couldn't give you the best service possible without the strategic alliance with them.

Through our strategic alliances with cfd Investments, Inc., and Creative Financial Designs, Inc., we are able to offer a wide variety of investment and/or advisory services to you as our prospective or current client.

These alliances with these CFD companies allow us to open accounts through other reputable investment service firms such as the following:

* National Financial Services for brokerage and advisory managed investment accounts

* Annuity companies such as Jackson National Life, AIG, Nationwide, and many, many more to try to find the suitable annuity for you and your unique needs.

* Investment accounts through mutual fund companies such as Oppenheimer, American Funds, Putnam, and more. 

You may find out more about cfd Companies through the following link:

The cfd Companies

Ash Brokerage Insurance Services


Ash Brokerage is an insurance Brokerage General Agency (BGA). They work with more than 80 top-rated carriers to help financial advisors licensed to sell various insurance products. They are currently headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Why is that important??

As your potential or current insurance products advisor, we can "shop the market" to try to find a carrier with the most competitive prices, competing ratings, and leverage various competitive advantages found by being able to shop multiple companies and prices. 

Many companies you may have worked with in the past only offer specific products by their specific company. We don't have to sell any one carrier's products. We strive to find the best fit for you and your insurance goals, for the best price, for the best possible health rating we can get for you. 

Ash Brokerage mainly focuses on four broad categories of products:

*  Life Insurance

*  Long Term Care Insurance

*  Disability Insurance

*  Annuities

Ash Brokerage's main office is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They recently built a new headquarters building, which not only houses their offices, but also local businesses, a YMCA, and restaurant. 

You may find more on Ash Brokerage through the following link:
Ash Brokerage Skyline Building